sketch / image
  • 2015.04
for Glas Italia

A collection designed with an image of two furniture made of frosted smoke glass gradually overlapping one another. Transparent glass was used for the overlapping sections. The smoke glass and the transparent glass are adhered only using their edges, demonstrating Glas Italia’s outstanding technical manipulation of cut and adhesion. The collection encompasses items such as chairs, tables and shelves.

pair_sketch pair01_kenichi_sonehara pair02_kenichi_sonehara pair03_kenichi_sonehara pair04_kenichi_sonehara pair05_kenichi_sonehara pair06_kenichi_sonehara pair07_kenichi_sonehara pair08_kenichi_sonehara pair09_kenichi_sonehara pair10_kenichi_sonehara pair11_kenichi_sonehara pair12_kenichi_sonehara pair13_kenichi_sonehara pair14_kenichi_sonehara pair15_kenichi_sonehara pair16_kenichi_sonehara pair17_kenichi_sonehara pair18_kenichi_sonehara pair19_kenichi_sonehara pair20_kenichi_sonehara

Collaborator : mor, stv
Photographer : Kenichi Sonehara