sketch / image
  • 2015.04
for Glas Italia

A table that combines legs that use curved sheets of glass together with a flat glass panel. The edges of the curved glass are printed black, resembling a path. When numerous tables are positioned side-by-side, the path extends indefinitely.

path_sketch path01_kenichi_sonehara path02_kenichi_sonehara path03_kenichi_sonehara path04_kenichi_sonehara path05_kenichi_sonehara path06_kenichi_sonehara path07_kenichi_sonehara path08_kenichi_sonehara path09_kenichi_sonehara path10_kenichi_sonehara path11_kenichi_sonehara path12_kenichi_sonehara path13_kenichi_sonehara path14_kenichi_sonehara path15_kenichi_sonehara

Collaborator : mor, stv
Photographer : Kenichi Sonehara