sketch / image
  • 2016.04
for Marsotto edizioni

A collection of accessories designed for Marsotto edizioni, an Italian marble brand specialising in marble furniture. The collection consists of small and large fruit bowls and vases that are made up of roundish vessels fixed on flat and smooth square pedestals. The pedestal is shaped to softly emerge from the surface of the vessel, which allows the presence of the pedestal to be felt as if it is otherwise hidden underneath. Because of this, the name “under” was given.
A design that gives the impression of “softness” and “warmth” to marble stone in contrast to the stereotype image of “solidity and coldness”.under_sketchunder01_akihiro_yoshida under02_akihiro_yoshida under03_akihiro_yoshida under04_akihiro_yoshida under05_akihiro_yoshida under06_akihiro_yoshida under07_akihiro_yoshida under08_akihiro_yoshida under09_akihiro_yoshida under10_akihiro_yoshida under11_akihiro_yoshida under12_akihiro_yoshida under13_akihiro_yoshida under14_akihiro_yoshida under15_akihiro_yoshida under16_akihiro_yoshida under17_akihiro_yoshida under18_akihiro_yoshida under19_akihiro_yoshidaunder20_akihiro_yoshida under21_akihiro_yoshida under22_akihiro_yoshida under23_akihiro_yoshida under24_akihiro_yoshida under25_akihiro_yoshida under26_akihiro_yoshida

Collaborator : syk
Photographer : Akihiro Yoshida