sketch / image
  • 2013.04
for Lasvit

A collection of objects that combines the fine cut glass techniques special to Bohemian glass with
ancient production method for sheet glass in which glass blown in a cylinder is cut away, opened up
and flattened. We reheated a variety of objects already decorated with traditional cut glass patterns,
then sliced them open and reattached them to each other to create one large object.
As a manner of making, the process was like sewing together animal hides, or piecing together small
fragments of cloth to create a great patchwork quilt.

patchwork-glass_sketchpatchwork-glass_vase08patchwork-glass_vase01patchwork-glass_vase04patchwork-glass_vase02patchwork-glass_vase07patchwork-glass_vase03patchwork-glass_vase05patchwork-glass_lamp01patchwork-glass_lamp03 patchwork-glass_process01patchwork-glass_process08patchwork-glass_process18patchwork-glass_process10patchwork-glass_process11patchwork-glass_process15patchwork-glass_process06patchwork-glass_process30_by_Tomas Kamenec

Photographer : Hiroshi Iwasaki (01-10)
Tomas Kamenec (11-18)