sketch / image
  • 2014.04
for Milan Design Week

A chair whose surface mixes two different patterns, created by printing woodgrain patterns onto wood with an already distinctive grain. We experimented with different degrees of combination. For some seats we layered two different woodgrain patterns, and for others printed enlarged, abstracted woodgrain patterns onto the existing pattern. For another design, we scanned the wood’s surface then printed the same pattern back onto the wood at another angle. We also experimented with other materials, replacing the seat base with OSB laminate board for one chair and printing a marble pattern onto the wood for another. Thanks to printing technology we could make fine adjustments like the scale, density and colours over and over, bringing out the charm and attraction of natural materials from a variety of angles.

print_chair_sketch print_chair01_hiroshi_iwasaki print_chair02_hiroshi_iwasaki print_chair03_hiroshi_iwasaki print_chair04_hiroshi_iwasaki print_chair05_hiroshi_iwasaki print_chair06_hiroshi_iwasaki print_chair07_hiroshi_iwasaki print_chair08_hiroshi_iwasaki print_chair09_hiroshi_iwasaki print_chair10_hiroshi_iwasaki print_chair11_hiroshi_iwasaki print_chair12_hiroshi_iwasaki print_chair13_hiroshi_iwasaki print_chair14_hiroshi_iwasaki print_chair15_hiroshi_iwasaki print_chair16_hiroshi_iwasaki print_chair17_hiroshi_iwasaki print_chair18_hiroshi_iwasaki print_chair19_hiroshi_iwasaki print_chair20_hiroshi_iwasaki print_chair21_hiroshi_iwasaki print_chair22_hiroshi_iwasaki print_chair23_hiroshi_iwasaki print_chair24_hiroshi_iwasaki print_chair25_hiroshi_iwasaki print_chair26_hiroshi_iwasaki print_chair27_hiroshi_iwasaki print_chair28_hiroshi_iwasaki print_chair29_hiroshi_iwasaki

Photographer : Hiroshi Iwasaki