space dipped shirts

sketch / image
  • 2014.04
for COS

Sweden’s H&M Group launched fashion brand COS in 2007. The COS look combines simplicity with sophisticated details and carefully selected materials. One of the brand’s flagship products, the white shirt, starred in an installation at this year’s Milan Salone. We took an unusual approach for installation’s design: rather than designing the shirts or their hanger racks, we created sculptural pieces that rely on the interplay of shirts and frames. The smartly ordered shirts are crisp, classic white until they fall inside the steel cube frames, at which point they take on colour as thought the space itself has dyed them. This simple yet effective framing strengthens viewers’ awareness of the space.

 space_dipped_shirts_sketch space_dipped_shirts01_daici_ano space_dipped_shirts02_takumi_ota space_dipped_shirts03_takumi_ota space_dipped_shirts04_daici_ano space_dipped_shirts05_takumi_ota space_dipped_shirts06_takumi_ota space_dipped_shirts07_daici_ano space_dipped_shirts08_takumi_ota space_dipped_shirts09_daici_ano space_dipped_shirts10_daici_ano space_dipped_shirts11_daici_ano space_dipped_shirts12_daici_ano space_dipped_shirts13_takumi_ota space_dipped_shirts14_daici_ano space_dipped_shirts15_daici_ano space_dipped_shirts16_daici_ano space_dipped_shirts17_takumi_ota space_dipped_shirts18_takumi_ota space_dipped_shirts19_takumi_ota space_dipped_shirts20_takumi_ota space_dipped_shirts21_takumi_ota space_dipped_shirts22_daici_ano

Photographer : Daici Ano(01, 04, 07, 09-12, 14-16, 22)
Takumi Ota(02-03, 05-06, 08, 13, 17-21)