Starbucks Espresso Journey

sketch / image
  • Tokyo
  • 2012.09
for Starbucks

A pop-up shop dedicated to Starbucks’ espresso drinks, in which visitors can learn more about drinks like lattes, cappuccinos and cafe mochas. We designed the space to be like a library, with bookshelves. On the shelves, we positioned books with covers in nine different colors. Each color of book corresponds to a different espresso drink. Visitors can stroll around the space, freely pulling books off the shelves to read and choose the drink that best suits them. At the counter, visitors can trade the book for an actual espresso drink, but retain the book cover which tells them about the drink they have chosen, to use as a book cover, as they like. The reverse side of the book cover has been punched into a tall or short size tumbler insert, which can be used in a Starbucks Create Your Own Tumbler. The ‘library’ invites visitors to choose an espresso drink as they would a book, and verse themselves in espresso drinks as though quietly entering into a fictional world. Books and coffee are both important parts of everyday life, so we created a link between favorite books and favorite coffees.

294_espresso_journey_sketchStarbucks_Espresso_Journey08_DaiciAnoStarbucks_Espresso_Journey07_DaiciAnoStarbucks_Espresso_Journey01_DaiciAno Starbucks_Espresso_Journey02_DaiciAnoStarbucks_Espresso_Journey03_DaiciAnoStarbucks_Espresso_Journey15_DaiciAnoStarbucks_Espresso_Journey12_DaiciAnoStarbucks_Espresso_Journey04_DaiciAno Starbucks_Espresso_Journey05_DaiciAno Starbucks_Espresso_Journey06_DaiciAnoStarbucks_Espresso_Journey24_HiroshiIwasakiStarbucks_Espresso_Journey26_HiroshiIwasakiStarbucks_Espresso_Journey22 _HiroshiIwasaki Starbucks_Espresso_Journey23_HiroshiIwasakiStarbucks_Espresso_Journey27_HiroshiIwasaki Starbucks_Espresso_Journey28_HiroshiIwasaki

Photographer : Daici Ano (01-09)
Hiroshi Iwasaki (10-12)