tokyo tribal collection

sketch / image
  • 2015.03
for industy+

A furniture collection designed exclusively for “industry+”; a Singaporean design company dedicated to fusing manufacturing with craftsmanship through its proactive collaboration with local industry all over Asia. This collection features 22 items including stools, chairs, tables, and shelves that have been produced to coincide with the MAISON&OBJET ASIA 2015 trade fair.
To fit the modern urban living environment, the designs have been made simple and the sizes relatively compact. The collection uses solid oak for the main frames and volcanic sand plaster for the top board finishes, in combination with bamboo rattan hand-woven by local artisans in the Philippines. The bamboo’s elastic properties make it ideal for such things as back-support. It is also used as a design feature, for instance: the table legs going right through a layer of bamboo, or the entire table itself actually encased in bamboo rattan. Through such details, these pieces seem to meld the concepts of ‘furniture’ and ‘miscellaneous interior goods’ into one, in contrast to more conventional concepts of interior design that clearly place greater importance on the former. In allowing for these various products and materials to converge and function together, the conceptual aim is to create a sense of a small and tightly-knit ‘tribe’, greater and better than the sum of its parts.

tokyo_tribal_collection_sketch tokyo_tribal_collection01_akihiro_yoshida tokyo_tribal_collection02_akihiro_yoshida tokyo_tribal_collection03_akihiro_yoshida tokyo_tribal_collection04_akihiro_yoshida tokyo_tribal_collection05_akihiro_yoshida tokyo_tribal_collection06_akihiro_yoshida tokyo_tribal_collection07_akihiro_yoshida tokyo_tribal_collection08_akihiro_yoshida tokyo_tribal_collection09_akihiro_yoshida tokyo_tribal_collection10_akihiro_yoshida tokyo_tribal_collection11_akihiro_yoshida tokyo_tribal_collection12_akihiro_yoshida tokyo_tribal_collection13_akihiro_yoshida tokyo_tribal_collection14_akihiro_yoshida tokyo_tribal_collection15_akihiro_yoshida tokyo_tribal_collection16_akihiro_yoshida tokyo_tribal_collection17_akihiro_yoshida tokyo_tribal_collection18_akihiro_yoshida tokyo_tribal_collection19_akihiro_yoshida tokyo_tribal_collection20_akihiro_yoshida tokyo_tribal_collection21_akihiro_yoshida tokyo_tribal_collection22_akihiro_yoshida tokyo_tribal_collection23_akihiro_yoshida tokyo_tribal_collection24_akihiro_yoshida tokyo_tribal_collection25_akihiro_yoshida tokyo_tribal_collection26_akihiro_yoshida tokyo_tribal_collection27_akihiro_yoshida tokyo_tribal_collection28_akihiro_yoshida tokyo_tribal_collection29_akihiro_yoshida tokyo_tribal_collection30_akihiro_yoshida tokyo_tribal_collection31_akihiro_yoshida tokyo_tribal_collection32_akihiro_yoshida tokyo_tribal_collection33_akihiro_yoshida

Collaborator : stv
Photographer : Akihiro Yoshida