blooming shades

There are many existing solutions to control privacy and light intensity shining through windows; curtains that open and close horizontally, screen rolls that operate vertically and blinds that adjust their angles with the move of a bar or a cord.
This project explores a new operating movement to softly cover the window, challenging the common perception of “blocking” the window.

These blinds are using the shift between open and closed state as a design opportunity, and in reaction to people and light intensity, they move as if they are blooming flowers.

The mechanism is constructed from two layers of high-quality shading film, also used in camera shutters, and sandwiched in between them is a layer of shape memory alloy. When connected to electricity, the shape memory alloy develops resistance and generates heat, pushing out the film and by so emphasizing the shape of a flower. 

Depending on the sensor and settings chosen, various combinations can be applied for the movement of the flowers. For example when the sunlight gets stronger or the temperature inside a room rises, the flower automatically opens to block the bright light and maintain a pleasant room temperature. This can also be used in meeting rooms, as the blinds will close to maintain privacy for the meeting, or when people comes closer, the blinds open so that they can see inside.

In summertime, trees spread branches and leaves to better block the strong sunlight, and in winter, when there is less light, it loses leaves; this design acts and feels in a similar way.

Micro Technology
Sherry Huang
Sayaka Ito
Shimpei Mitani
Akihiro Yoshida
Takahisa Araki