carton + pump

Refillable liquid hand wash, shampoo, and body wash have become common, but repeated use of the same containers presents a hygiene issue, and the disposal of plastic refill pouches is environmentally unfriendly. In response to such a predicament, a dispenser with a replaceable body that stays clean and even contributes to plastic waste reduction was designed.

First, a gable-top paper carton similar to those for packaging milk is made to become the dispenser’s replaceable body and is constructed to have the dispenser pump directly inserted.
The gable top of the carton is turned upside down for use, and the dispenser pump and cap secure the carton from above and below.

The pump can be inserted into the carton’s underside like a straw into a juice pack, ensuring the contents will not spill when refilling,
and because the entire paper carton gets replaced, the new soap or detergent need never mix with the remainder of the old formula.
The formula is also more easily used to its last drop, since the liquid collects in the center of the carton’s gable top resting at the base of the dispenser.

Additionally, the top and bottom covers distribute the pressure of the pump being pressed repeatedly, making the carton less likely to collapse and also preventing it from getting soft and moldy in the washroom.
Unlike standard plastic pouches, the cartons’ boxlike shape allows them to be stacked for storage.
Two types of pumps and replacement container sizes were prepared: liquid and foam, 250 and 400 ml.

一般的なパウチ式の詰め替え容器とは異なり、箱型の形状は保管時に上積みもできる。 ポンプは液体タイプと泡タイプ用の2種類、取り替え用の容器は250mlと400mlの2サイズを用意した。

Mitsubishi Corporation Packaging + Nippon Paper Industries
Shun Naruse
Masahiro Ohgami
Akihiro Yoshida