Takaoka in Toyama Prefecture is renowned for its craftwork with a history over 400 years, and Takaoka-doki is one of the main crafts of the city. With metals and alloys such as iron, copper, tin, bronze, and aluminium, it employs a variety of techniques and treatments to create a whole range of cast-metal products. This particular cutlery is made from aluminium treated with a urethane baking finish. To accentuate the unique texture resulting from this process, the individual pieces have been designed with abstract circular, square, and triangular shapes, with matching section-shapes for each of their handles.  The design-feature of the handles also makes it easy to differentiate between spoon, fork, and knife when they are in an upright position, such as in a cutlery stand.

EXPO Milano 2015 Japan Pavilion Gallery Space
Takaoka-doki for TAKATAFACTORY
Hiroshi Iwasaki