Ozu-washi has been renowned for its high-quality traditional Japanese paper made in Aichi Prefecture since Heian Period (794-1185 A.D.), which is generally made from the mitsumata plant or oriental paper bush. In this piece, sumi, a black ink used in traditional calligraphy which is compatible with washi, has been mixed in to soften the paper material, and then compressed to form the shape of a small plate. The jagged edges and the bumps surrounding the main portion of the plate have been intentionally left untreated, so as to accentuate the qualities of the original paper. These plates come in circular, square, and rectangular form, all of which can be neatly stacked. They can be used as disposable plates, or as ornamental trays for various small objects.

EXPO Milano 2015 Japan Pavilion Gallery Space
Ozu-washi for Ikazaki Shachu
Hiroshi Iwasaki