A bowl with a beautifully transparent glaze finish, incorporating the distinctive black used in Satsuma earthenware, which is a colouration that comes from the iron in the clay and glaze. It has a citrus fruit motif, resembling the shape of an orange or a grapefruit. However, by ap plying the glaze to just the inside, it also mimics a citrus in its texture. That is, the inside has a glossy feel, resembling the refreshing juice within, while the outside has a natural matted finish, resembling the peel. Furthermore, the uneven surface of the inside, which resembles the texture of the section profile of a citrus fruit when cut in half, allows for the expression of the glaze to change depending on one’s perspective.

EXPO Milano 2015 Japan Pavilion Gallery Space
Satsuma-yaki for Tsukino-mushi
Hiroshi Iwasaki