The traditional Japanese masu, or box-measure, widely used for centuries as a cup from which to drink sake, and as a measuring device for various grains. This particular masu has been produced in collaboration with an Edo-style woodwork craftsman who inherits sophisticated technique that dates back to the early Edo Period, and its top and bottom have been tapered with diagonal carvings for easier stacking. Although these kinds of elaborately designed meshing joints are usually hidden from view, they have been purposely accentuated in this particular design by makin g parts of the box out of smoke-coloured acrylic.  The wood has been coloured with traditional Japanese ink, sumi, and the cut ends have a darker shade as they soak in more of the colour, providing a gradated accent to the overall finish. This container can be used for storing a variety herbs, spices, and condiments.

EXPO Milano 2015 Japan Pavilion Gallery Space
Edo-sashimono for Kahei Yamada
Hiroshi Iwasaki