crepe bouquet

Bouquets are widely loved as an easy gift.
However, it is common for florists to make one after it is ordered, which creates a wait time for the customer and makes it difficult to picture the final look. Because flowers, once arranged in a bundle, cannot get enough water to stay fresh, it was difficult to line premade bouquets on store shelves.

A new bouquet was designed to reduce stress in shops and allow more people to enjoy flowers for a longer time.
Whereas at a typical flower shop the end of the stems is wrapped in damp paper for water retention, the new design chose to contain a water supply that fits inside the bouquet. The container holds 80ml of water, and its punctured lid lets the stems through. A leak free structure surrounds the holes to prevent the water from spilling when it  is laid on its side. As the design allows for pre-arranged bouquets to be laid out fresh in shops, they can be more readily purchased in fast-paced retail environments, like in business districts or in front of train stations.

Since the design solves the challenge of having to quickly put flowers to a vase to keep them fresh,  the covering is intended to be displayed as-is. The crepe shaped paper cover, from which the name “crepe bouquet” originates,
has perforation near the center so that it can be split in two. Flipping the torn-off top upside down and reassembling the two makes a vase-like shape to be self-standing.

Aoyama Flower Market
Sherry Huang
Katsuaki Kobayashi
Akihiro Yoshida