EPOS is an established credit card issued by the Marui group. With the normalization of online shopping and the rise of digital experiences exemplified in smartphone payments, physical plastic cards will soon no longer necessarily be the medium for touchdown points of use. In response to this recent change in the purchasing experience, EPOS has been reborn as a brand.

New features include, however are not limited to, collaboration in designing original card face designs with a variety of companies, brands and content, as well as unique service functions to meet the customers’ needs according to the partnership. Pop-up stores and events will be hosted at Marui retail storefronts, to discover and support various communities through products and services. This change echoes the recent consumption trend of scaling back on obligatory expenses and spending more on personal interests or values that resonate with the consumer, transforming EPOS into a fan club membership emphasizing experiences, rather than a functional means to purchase goods and services.

In the logo design, the wording card has been removed to reflect a new vision of expanding beyond the framework of conventional credit cards, leaving only the brand name “EPOS.” Community diversity is expressed through an image of varying colors and shapes. To avoid creating a fixed and stationary brand image, the brand color, which had been a single color in the past, has been increased to four, with a new style of fluctuating color amounts flexibly once operations commence. The card itself is as simplified as possible, with elements such as the card number, expiration date, and romaji name placed on the back side, forgoing all brand décor, to make the design easy for collaboration. As a result, the level of protection against personal information has been improved by an elevated difficulty to sneak peek and steal personal information while the card is in use, and the flat printing without embossment makes the face of the card slender and free of texture in a wallet or card holder. Additionally, a vertical design has been adopted that makes it difficult to mistake the direction of insertion into the card reader, and a touch payment function has also been added.

With a focus on encouraging a sense of identification and connection among users, the branding plan was designed to go beyond improving the convenience of use.

Marui Group
Mayuka Henmi
Midori Kakiuchi
Shimpei Mitani
Akihiro Yoshida (02-17)