funnel umbrella-stand

A slim and compact umbrella stand was designed to be used in shops and offices of small business owners that American Express supports.

With room for three umbrellas each, the square body blends seamlessly into the next when lined up with other umbrella stands of its kind. It comprises two parts, and water accumulated in the tray inside can be disposed of when the exterior is lifted. Using polystone mixed with powdered gypsum makes for a smooth appearance that fits in any environment while maintaining the heft and stability required of an umbrella stand.

The defining structural characteristic is the funnel-like shape of the holes that taper toward the base to secure the umbrellas. Longer, classic umbrellas are secured by their tips at the bottom of the stand. Folding umbrellas, on the other hand, are supported up top by the wide opening. Both classic and folding types may thus amicably cohabit in the same umbrella stand.

American Express
Arata Nishikawa
Tsunehiko Okazaki