ghost stories

An installation in the Friedman Benda Gallery in New York featuring forty of our cabbage chairs.
Previous cabbage chairs were made out of paper; for these chairs, we processed the fibres into a non-woven textile, allowing them to retain the light pleated feeling that characterized earlier versions while increasing their durability as furniture. We showed chairs in three colourings: black, white, and a mix of black and white material.
To give visitors a sense of the drama we felt when we first saw the top-lighting that poured from the back of the gallery space, and to heighten the cabbage chairs’ very particular infinite gradations of layered light and shadows, from the minute they stepped inside the gallery, we suspended 6800 threads from the ceiling.
The infinite shadows cast by the threads gathered up the entire space like pleats, as though the gallery space itself had been pleated for the installation. We used a Magic Marker to colour each of the individual threads black at different heights, creating boundaries between light and shadow in imitation of the light beams pouring forth from the rear of the space.

New York
Friedman Benda
Private exhibition
for Friedman Benda
Jimmy Cohrssen