A screen made up of two layers of transparent glass. With the first glass, a pattern consisting of small rectangular mirrors were vapor deposited, and with the other glass, a pattern rotated 90°was vapor deposited. As a result, there is a situation in which 3 different effects exist: a section that allows a line of sight, a section that reflects, and a section where the reflection is repeated twice. When one stands in front of the partition, one’s own image and the objects beyond the screen reflects randomly, changing the appearance depending on the angle at which they are viewed. Normally when a mirror is vapor deposited onto glass, only the surface becomes a mirror and the reverse side turns grey. However by using a special vapor deposition method that allows both sides to become a mirror, a screen that can be used from both sides has materialized.

fragment_sketch fragment01_kenichi_sonehara fragment02_kenichi_sonehara fragment03_kenichi_sonehara fragment04_kenichi_sonehara fragment05_kenichi_sonehara fragment06_kenichi_sonehara fragment07_kenichi_sonehara fragment08_kenichi_sonehara fragment09_kenichi_sonehara fragment10_kenichi_sonehara fragment11_kenichi_sonehara fragment12_kenichi_sonehara fragment13_kenichi_sonehara

for Glas Italia
Collaborator : mor, stv
Photographer : Kenichi Sonehara