Harcourt ice

French luxury brand Baccarat has been making crystal since the company’s establishment in 1764. For our redesign of the company’s signature Harcourt line, we wanted to highlight a new facet of the beauty of glass by creating an edge like beautifully frozen ice, then ‘melting’ it. The company’s skilled craftsmen smoothed the edges by melting the surface of the finished Harcourt glasses by dipping them into the acid ordinarily used in the final stages of the polishing process.The soft feel and distinctive light refraction of the melted edges closely resemble those of ice that has begun to melt. The timeless image of hard ice gradually dissolving into free-flowing water, as
though capturing one moment in time, represents the company’s graceful movement, between tradition encapsulated in its enviably long history, and its constant desire for innovation.

for Baccarat
Hiroshi Iwasaki (07-09)