KICHIZAEMON X is an exhibition series by Raku Kichizaemon Jikinyu that presents his collaboration with artists and phenomena. 
In its 13th installment KICHIZAEMON X: nendo x Raku Kichizaemon Jikinyu, nendo and the Raku master potter designed five series of works centering on the texture, interior, passage of time, and material properties of Raku ware.
Held at the Raku Kichizaemon Wing of the Sagawa Art Museum, the exhibition includes ‘junwan -chroma-’, a collection of eight ceramic works created by soaking them in ink to separate colors, and ‘junwan -redox-’, a collection of three ceramic works fired after absorbing metal. Both are stemmed from a work titled ‘junwan’, a fruit of the first collaboration between nendo and Raku Jikinyu exhibited at the NENDO SEES KYOTO exhibition held at Nijo-jo Castle in Kyoto, which showcased nendo’s works created in collaboration with Kyoto’s traditional craftspeople and ateliers. The KICHIZAEMON X exhibition also showed ‘jihada’, an installation piece consisting of five small spaces; ‘chuwan’ representing the passing of time; and ‘michiwan’, a series of four works that materialize the internal space of Raku ware.

Sagawa Art Museum
Arata Nishikawa
Yushiro Yamanaka
Takahiro Fukino
Chihiro Yamamoto
Yosuke Matsushita
Akihiro Yoshida
filming and editing :
Shimpei Mitani