Lexus -elastic diamond-

An installation at La Permanente Milano, the art museum, during the 2008 Milan Design Week. We wanted visitors to experience the ultimate fusion of opposite elements that is “L-finesse”, the design ideal behind the premium Lexus automobile brand. Using the crystal structure of diamonds as our motif, we designed a “flexible but durable” structure that fused the pre-existing opposing concepts of “durable and strong” and “flexible and fragile”. The artificial structure was tangible but transparent; it seemed complex but also natural and uncomplicated. Like our diamond chair, which uses the same structure, the objects we displayed expanded and contracted as though they were breathing. The pillars quivered and contracted in response to human movement, creating a spatial experience in which people and things seemed in sync.

Permanente Milano
Lexus L-finesse -elastic diamond-
Daici Ano