media luxe

Design for “media luxe,” a brand newly launched as the successor to the Kanebo Cosmetics “media” makeup brand.

In considering a design that would give the impression of unity across several different products, the “serif” became the focus. Serifs are small decorations on the edges of Latin typefaces. They give fonts a minimal yet dignified impression and a sense of formality. This being translated into products, the same visual effect and comfort of use were created. By arranging “serifs” to match the mechanism of each container’s lid, the product becomes easy to open—the lipstick lid can be pulled off, the cream bottle rotated, and the compact opened with little force. The logo, placed as an accent on the products, was also designed with serifs.

The body of lipstick is available in three types, designed to accept a common refill. The difference in shape is based on the idea of offering a form as close as possible to something that “feels right” for different people and different scenes.

Firstly, a lipstick that emphasizes a good balance of thickness and weight. The skirted shape of the body makes it easy to grasp the end, and the cap is designed to give the user a feel that it is securely closed with a “snap.” The second lipstick has a built-in weight in addition to its plump shape. While providing a firm grip, the moderate weight of the product prevents the applicator from shaking during use, thereby increasing self-standing stability. Furthermore, the lipstick stands upright, and the cap closes smoothly to the touch. The third one is a slim, lightweight aluminum product, suitable for holding lightly with fingertips. While the cap gives a sense of lightness when it is opened, the user still can feel secured with the tight closure when carrying it.

In this way, the whole brand was first unified by the serif, a combination of functionality and design, and three different types of comfort were instilled in the lipstick products. The design aims to reflect the brand story of not being overdressed, but rather, bringing a natural, individual beauty into daily life.

Kanebo Cosmetics
Naoko Nishizumi
Shun Naruse
Akihiro Yoshida