Founded in Copenhagen in 1904, Georg Jensen has origins in silversmithing and jewelry production, eventually moving into homewares. For over a century, it has employed the skills of craftspeople and produced many designs with natural motifs, especially those floral and botanical. One of the major elements of nature―water―serves as the theme of the subject silverware collection, crafted piece by piece by consummate artisans.
Water collected in the deep, central pool may hold flowers vertically like in a vase. Increasing the volume of water fills a shallow but wider area on which to floator lay decorative flowers. Higher up, the open lip acts as a spout, allowing the vase to be used as a jug.For subtle integration of three states of water―pooled, spread, and flowing―the vessel was named “mizuki,” coined to mean water vessel in Japanese.
Each mizuki vessel is forged from a single sheet of .925 sterling silver. It is heated at times to temperatures as high as 780 ℃, hammered while soft, and then painstakingly polished. Even with the inimitable skills of Georg Jensen silversmiths, it takes 400 hours to craft the three pieces composing the full set of mizuki.

Georg Jensen
Sherry Huang
Hiroshi Iwasaki