A mobile accessory collection comprising earbuds, smartwatches, AI speakers, portable chargers, and wireless chargers designed for mobile device manufacturer OPPO. The design focuses not on accessories revolving around smartphones, as so often seen in the market, but rather on the concept of seamlessly connecting the musical experience centered on earbuds.

One side of the earbuds is matte and the other glossy, making the left and right easily distinguishable by a touch of the fingertips.Portability was improved for the on-the-go wearer, who can keep the earbuds locked into each other in a donut shape or attach the dedicated neck strap to the holes used for this same locking mechanism.The smartwatch and earbud charging case, with the earbuds locked in on the right and left sides, can be placed onto and perfectly integrated with the AI speaker to start charging.Music that had been enjoyed outdoors through the earbuds up to that moment can then seamlessly be played on the speakers.The wireless smartphone charger has been provided with a recessed space to hold the earbuds, over which the portable charger fits like a cover to allow simultaneous charging. Further, because a wireless charging function has been built into the portable charger, placing the smartphone yet atop the existing stack allows for simultaneous charging of all three devices.

The earbuds locking into each other distinctively completes the shape of every other device, for a design where each item depends on the earbuds.

Arata Nishikawa
Yosuke Matsushita
Richard Bone
Shigeya Miyata
Akihiro Yoshida