MY FOOTBALL KIT/ BALL KIT, a product previously designed for sporting equipment manufacturer Molten, is now enjoyed by many children around the world as a way to experience the fascination of learning and sports through a simplified, assemblable football.

Developed as the second product of this series, is the football goal for children to enjoy assembling by themselves. The new kit consists of two lengths of timber easy for children to handle and four types of fixing components. The use of standardized 2×2 lumber, a commonly distributed size, is expected to enable local procurement in the sales destination in the future, thereby reducing delivery costs and environmental impact. The four parts are made of a synthetic resin mixture of softened recycled polypropylene and elastomer, for breakage and injury prevention. It is also tool-free.

The football goal is designed not only to be scored from the front, as with typical products, but also from above; with a handicap depending on the number and size of the players; to be played by three teams at the same time; or with score targets, so that children can create new games with their free imagination.

Maya Watanabe
Masahiro Ohgami