Out of concern for the environment, many restaurants have done away with disposable straws and plastic cups, and the use of paper cups, paper straws, and reusable metal straws is on the rise.

It is under such circumstances that the reusable coffee cup lid was designed for convenience store chain Lawson.
The coffee cup lid is indispensable in takeout, and not only does its reuse reduce plastic waste, this particular lid’s design allows for greater enjoyment of the coffee drinker.
Its main feature is the partially domed space on the opposite side of the lip. The coffee’s aroma rises through ventilation holes and is briefly captured beneath the shell, to be enjoyed with the coffee’s flavor, as intended.
The lid is double grooved on the inner side to grip and seal the rims of cups in the two sizes provided by Lawson.
It is made of silicone rubber, a heat-resistant and hygienic reusable material.
A special case for carrying the lid was designed with wide opening not only for easy access to the lid, but to hold the entire cup in two sizes, serving also as a sleeve while the coffee is being imbibed. Tyvek, a water-resistant nonwoven polyethylene fabric with low environmental impact, makes the pouch washable and capable of housing the portable lid in a hygienic state.

The project aims to reduce the disposal of the approximately 1 billion plastic coffee lids, equivalent to 2,000 tons of plastic, provided annually at convenience stores.

Midori Kakiuchi
Shun Naruse
Akihiro Yoshida