N02 recycle

A stacking chair designed for the long-established Danish furniture brand Fritz Hansen.

Composed of a rounded and curved surface that wraps around the body, similar to that found on the sofas and lounge chairs produced by the company. In contrast to this the backrest has a single and simple ‘fold’ line. This form is the result of an experimental process with various types of paper that was then incorporated into the development of the chair. By adding this horizontal line, the intention was that the soft form of the chair would sit more comfortably with the horizontal surface of a table. As well as this the “fold” line creates a visible continuation from one chair to the next when they are positioned side by side. The same crease also has benefits to the comfort of the chair, firmly supporting the lower back whilst also creating space and a relaxed feeling around the waist. The thickness of the backrest also enhances the comfort, fine adjustments have been made from the top to the base of the shell creating flexibility whilst giving sufficient strength and support.

There are seven colors for the seat, each entirely recyclable and made of 100% upcycled plastic, locally sourced from household waste. The 5 piece family consists of a four leg variant that can efficiently stack, with both colored or chrome legs, a sled base and a swivel base, and then additional arm options for the swivel and four leg chairs.

Fritz Hansen
Richard Bone
Akihiro Yoshida