nendo : forms of movement

A solo exhibition held during Milan Design Week 2018, a showcase of 10 different collaborations with Japanese manufacturers using unique materials and advanced techniques.

Movement is an inseparable part of our being; we move our bodies, we move objects, and there are objects that move independently around us. Even objects that are completely stationary can convey a feeling of movement.
Objects can physically move in reaction to our motion, or can encourage us to move in reaction to them. For example, a chair can be interpreted as an object that urges us to sit.
So when designing a chair, are we designing a product or are we designing the movement of sitting down? Objects react to people and people react to objects.

This exhibition focuses on this relationship and displays 10 projects that deal with the concept of movement; a container collection that introduces different lids that open and close according to various ways of touch, zippers that explore new functions by reexamining the familiar linear motion, a window shade that automatically opens and closes according to the movement of people and light, and an hourglass collection that designs time itself by controlling the movement of the sand within.

These objects and various others presented, embody movement in their shape and function while incorporating advanced technologies, state of the art mechanisms, and unconventional materials.

Milan Design Week
Yumi Abe
Hadar Gorelik
Yukiko Tomotsune
Takumi Ota