nendo : invisible outlines

We tend to perceive the existence and positioning of objects by subconsciously following “outlines”, and by distinguishing
the “inside and outside” of these contours.
This also means that objects with obscure outlines cannot always be identified as objects, and conversely if outlines are
visible, that information which is not visible can be subconsciously supplemented.
The exhibition takes this fundamental principle into account, and the following ideas were implemented as a theme.
The existence of items are blurred by manipulating outlines in various ways, or the viewers can recognize some existence
of an item visually in their minds by making invisible outlines visible.
In total 79 collections were amassed including the following:
“border table” which presents a fragmented contour of rooms,
“trace container” capturing “traces” of movement,
“un-printed material”, a piece that portrays various forms and expressions of paper through outline,
“objectextile” a collaboration project with Jil Sander, where contours of 3D objects are retrieved and turned into textile, 
and “jellyfish vase” a new piece that attempts to reestablish the relationship between vase and water with colour boundaries.

Yumi Abe
Hadar Gorelik
Sayaka Ito
Shimpei Mitani
Alistair Moncur
Takumi Ota
Takahisa Araki