An exhibition showing seven works created in collaboration with Kyoto’ s traditional craftspeople and ateliers, presented in the Daidokoro of Ninomaru-goten Palace and Okiyodokoro at Nijo-jo Castle. An installation inspired by the Kyodo Hall and Sai-mon (West Gate) of Kiyomizu-dera Temple was concurrently displayed during the session. The exhibition is titled NENDO SEES KYOTO in the hope of bringing to light unconventional artistic expressions and the fascinating power of Kyoto by introducing new perspectives.

It is a fusion of diverse techniques;
a visualization of intangible values;
an opportunity to experience the flow of time through the five senses;
and an action to propel changes to the production processes.

Instead of going with or against the expansive historical flow of crafts and design, the slightest of the opportunity that the project provides creates new, thinner branches flowing out from it. The project strives for such modest flows to be noticed by those who have had little contact and interest in traditional crafts. And it hopes that this branch would one day rejoin the main flow, and contribute, even on a small scale, to the development of crafts and design in Kyoto.

Ogawa Katsuaki 12th generation descendant of Ueji (Ogawa Jihei) and the CEO of Onniwa Ueji,Inc.
Kiyomizu-dera Temple
Kojima Shouten Inc.
Shoyeido Incense Co.
Nakamura Sotetsu XIII
Miyazaki Furniture
Raku Jikinyu, Raku Kichizaemon XV