passing rain

A few drops of rain come down, and eventually it starts pouring. The clouds lift soon after. This is the nature of a passing rain. Through the changing expressions of raindrops, the color and light of the sky, and the sounds and smells, we are able to experience the flow of time. These short moments of time are expressed through a series of five bowls.

“Rain streaks” that appear as thin lines are expressed with mirror-finished stainless-steel rods of 2mm in diameter. The rods connect to the aluminum bowl and rain down to the mirrored base. Because the connection to the bowl is at an angle, a weld does not provide sufficient strength. Screws and adhesives were used together to secure the connections, and an inner layer of the bowl hides the screws. The base was welded from the back at the highest temperature that does not distort the plate, and the surface was mirror-finished to reflect the rain. Among the five bowls, the one expressing “initial raindrops” has the least number of supporting rods, making it the most difficult to construct.

Through an action akin to taking “still frames” of a passing rain, the design entraps the passage of time into objects.

Sherry Huang
Katsuaki Kobayashi
Hiroshi Iwasaki