A branding and a new product design project for Flanders, Co. Ltd. a firm based in Kushiro, Hokkaido that specializes in manufacturing and selling of confectioneries. Hokkaido is located in the north of Japan and is renowned for its dairy farming and the production of its milk and dairy products.

The brand was named “N” taken from the word “north” and the logo was kept to a minimal with just a triangle that points to this direction reflecting the firm’s expertise in making confectioneries using the ingredients of Hokkaido. A cheese cake was decided as the brand’s first product to be designed. When the box is opened a snowy landscape reminiscent of Hokkaido is presented, and when the tree is pulled out a cheesecake appears from beneath the snow.

The “snow” is made from icing sugar, and the “tree” can be picked up like a cocktail stick. The idea was inspired by the traditional techniques of the north that by storing vegetables and fruit in the snow a self-preservation occurs that enhances sweetness intensity.

Naoko Nishizumi
Yukiko Tomotsune
Akihiro Yoshida