Our contribution to Moleskine’s ‘Detour’ exhibition, in which the venerable Italian firm (200+ years and counting) gave fifty designers and artists free range to create a piece for the show.
Regardless of the product, we begin each project with one sketch, then move immediately into three-dimensional prototyping and testing. We can go back to that first sketch if we start to get lost along the way, giving us a built-in corrective mechanism.
The longer we spend on the project, the more we go back and forth. Sometimes, the sketch starts to feel like a comfortable ‘place’ to which we can return, or from which we can work.
By cutting the pages of the sketchbook to create a three-dimensional landscape, we wanted to show the way that sketches function in the space between two and three dimensions, and to present the sketchbook itself as a ‘place’.

for Moleskine