A collaboration project where a textile pattern is created by taking a photograph of an object mounted inside a square frame, followed by a fashion item being created by Jil Sander’s creative team.
Since all the objects are pure white, the shadows and the appearance can change drastically with a slight alteration in the setting of lighting or depth of field.
Hence the fixing work of the object and the shooting menu were carried out interchangeably, such as distorting the object in proportion to the distortion of the outer periphery of the lens, or instead changing the shooting method according to the object.
Subsequently, textile patterns were narrowed down to 5 types,
which are check patterns made with tightly woven thread,
dot patterns expressed by the depth of 82 pieces of floating cones,
grid patterns made up of the shadows of an aggregation of cubes,
camouflage patterns created by the differences in the frost and clear finishes of transparent acrylic sheeting,
and stripe patterns originated by a group of flat shaped pillars.
A design that was formed by converting 3 dimensional into 2 dimensional and then converting back into 3 dimensional again.

Akihiro Yoshida
Naoko Nishizumi
Sayaka Ito
Akihiro Yoshida