rain bottle

A project for the Trend Exhibition space in the main area of Maison & Objet Paris, the twice-yearly design fair. The exhibition theme ‘Words’, asked designers to consider the relationship between language and design. We chose the word ‘rain’, but considered its many nuances in Japanese, a language that has dozens of words for rain depending on the condition and time of day, as a way to reflect the fine nuances and sensibilities of Japanese as a language. The exhibit consists of clear acrylic bottles lined-up, each containing a different kind of ‘rain’. ’Kirisame’, ‘biu’ and ‘kosame’ refer to different degrees of fine drizzle, while ‘niwaka-ame’ is a sudden downpour. ‘Mizore’ is sleet, and a ‘yudachi’ falls in the evening. ‘Kisame’ is rain that drips from the ends of tree branches, and ‘kaiu’ is rain that falls mixed with dust and pollen. We also included seasonal rains, from the ‘samidare’ that falls in the spring, to ‘shigure’, rain specific to autumn and winter. By exhibiting twenty different kinds of ‘rain’, we hoped to express Japanese culture’s unique relationship to nature and the depth of this relationship.

for Trend Exhibition @Maison&Objet Paris 2014
Hiroshi Iwasaki(01-31)
Joakim Blockstrom(32-37)