reel jump-rope

“Odomo TV” is a children’s TV program where experts from various fields come face-to-face with the ideas of “free-thinking” children and try to make them happen. Examples include children’s humming being turned into music by professional musicians, and actors improvising a play based on a nonsensical story and event created by children. A compact and easy to carry skipping rope was made based on the challenge “when putting away skipping rope they often get tangled” given from the children. The handles are in the shape of an easy to grasp and non-slip square ring, joined together into a single object by firmly fitting the right and left handles. The string can then be effortlessly wound up like a yoyo. In this way, the handles themselves serve as a slim storage case to be carried around without the fear of the rope accidentally unwinding. Opening can be done by simply pulling apart the handles. The rope then naturally falls out and untangles on its own without having to unwind it, and hence is immediately ready to be skipped with.

Mikuri Sasage (product)
Shimpei Mitani (movie)
Yukari Furugaki (movie)
Akihiro Yoshida