roll-up ecobag

A stick-shaped reusable bag designed for Lawson, a leading convenience store chain active in reducing plastic waste.
The bag was required to be as compact and easy-to-access as possible, assuming it being carried in another bag or in a pocket based on the unique purchase behavior of convenience store customers, who stop by on the way to somewhere to buy a few items rather than a basketful of groceries.

First, a stick-shaped “case” was designed.
A cloth bag was stored in the case, and the bag can be pulled out at once by pulling the ring with one finger.
The case changes its role to be the “grip” of the bag that does not bite into the fingers, being more user-friendly than typical cloth bags.
The bottom is large enough to hold a convenience store bento lunch placed flat, and the side of the bag is designed with a wide opening so that large bottles can be easily taken in and out.

After use, the bag is quickly stored back in place by turning the dial on the side of the case.
Trial-and-errors were repeated to design an exhaust to release air inside as well as a bag’s shape that prevents twists and tangles during the winding process.
As a result, a bag that can be quickly taken out and easily stored while standing or walking without the hassle of unfolding/folding was materialized.

The bag was designed with hopes to be used as long as possible, being washable if detached from the case, with replaceable parts available in case of damages.

Shun Naruse
Maya Watanabe
Masahiro Ohgami
Akihiro Yoshida