A lamp designed for Louis Vuitton’s first ever furniture collection.
Travel has been the company’s theme since its establishment in 1854, so we wanted to make something portable, and decided to use batteries and LEDs.
A single piece of leather is rolled up for transport, then opened and the LED light fixed in place by a magnet for use. This construction allows a single piece of leather to function as both support and shade. Our inspiration, of course, was the Louis Vuitton crafts people’s ability to manipulate the single rolls of leather lined up neatly in the Vuitton workshops into a myriad of different items. The craftspeople punch holes in the leather, creating a gradual Damier pattern when light is shone through it.
The lamp comes in two different sizes and three colour variations. The leather begins as the surface of an animal and becomes a light surface, hence the lamp’s name.

for Louis Vuitton