An eighteen-piece metal furniture collection inspired by the effects of watercolour paint on a paper surface. 

To express the idea of paper, the objects are designed to look as though they were cut and folded by hand. In order to create a foundation that resembles paper and to easily blur the ink paint on the objects, the metal frames and surfaces, which are the substrate materials, were repeatedly and thoroughly sanded, applied with primer and finished with matte white paint. 

To create beautiful colour bleeds as if soaked in the furniture with perfect blurring expressions, all painting was done by hand, section by section, tapping the paint gently with soft pulp paper. This meticulous colouring process was created with a mix of two tones of aqueous inks which takes time to dry, and the objects are finished with a protective clear matte layer that further accentuates their flat paper-like appearance. 

Pursuing an interest in painterly effects, custom colouring expressions were designed specifically for each object according to its shape and elements. A trial and error method wad used to perfectly place the colours and choose the right paint, tools and colouring techniques.
This production process allowed the opportunity to play with animatedcolour effects such as colour that blends in meeting points, overlapping parts that create stains on one another and paint that seems as if dripping down in a waterfall effect on multi-layered objects.

Friedman Benda
Genki Fujita
Hadar Gorelik
Shintaro Monden
Akihiro Yoshida