A collection of tables designed with legs that are made of thick cylinder shapes split vertically in half. Due to the sharp cut of the legs, when a table is viewed from one side, the legs appear as flat surfaces, however when viewed from the other side, the legs reveal their soft and plump forms. In addition, each leg’s curvy side is cut in a 30 degrees diagonal that minimises the contact area with the floor and creates a sense of lightness that contrasts the heaviness of the legs.

The collection consists of both dining tables and low side tables. The dining tables are designed in three round, three rectangular and two soft rectangular types and the low tables are designed in a square, rectangular and circular configurations. With a rectangular tabletop, two legs are placed in a parallel position to create a sharp and angular look. When the tabletop is round, three legs are placed together in a circular layout maintaining a 120 degrees relation, to enhance the softer qualities of the table. The legs of the low tables and the soft rectangular shaped dining tables are placed sporadically to allow for a more playful and dynamic appearance.

By suggesting multiple options of tables utilizing the same shape of legs, the collection becomes unified while at the same time each table holds its own individual uniqueness.

Sayaka Ito
Alberto Strada