A furniture collection that consists of 4 types of furniture: a side table, a stool, a small shelf, and a container.

Hieroglyphics such as Chinese pictogram and Kanji represent the meaning of a character by using corresponding “radical”, like “氵(Sanzui)” that represents things related to water or liquid, or “艹 (Kusakanmuri)” that represents things related to plants.For these 4 types of furniture, a sense of unity was achieved so that each furniture is classified into the same line by placing the same triangle as a pedestal. For elements other than the “radical”, different characteristics were added respectively.

A smooth surface is used for the table top and slightly bent surfaces is set for the seating. 3 layers of surfaces will make a shelf, and those made into a circle will create a space for holding small accessories such as keys and smartphones. Somewhat similar to an expression that gathers multiple meanings to form one Chinese character, by arranging items with different functions, it forms another furniture.

In addition, by giving depth to the silhouette expressed by a single line for each furniture, a two-dimensional expression like Chinese character was achieved here as well.

Steve Oh
Akihiro Yoshida