clustered clouds

From afar, clouds in the sky look like white volumes. From an airplane or a mountaintop, however, when clouds are experienced from within, they become a hazy, translucent landscape. The ambiguity of the cloud, somewhere between “volume” and “haze,” was interpreted as a “cluster of translucency” and led to the design of four shelves.

Made of stainless perforated metal, the balance between its thickness and amount of perforation was designed as just enough for the material to be perceived. Where the metal overlaps, a moiré pattern emerges, creating visual noise. To minimize the effect of the moiré, the direction of the perforation alignment was rotated by 30 degrees in the back panel based on the result of digital simulations.

The process of excavating geometric forms from rectangular volumes creates voids within other voids, giving “volume of emptiness” for a truly cloud-like design.

Sherry Huang
Katsuaki Kobayashi
Takahiro Fukino
Hiroshi Iwasaki