woven table

A collection of tables designed for “nendo: invisible outlines”, a large-scale retrospective exhibition held at Grand-Hornu
in the suburbs of Mons, Belgium from May 2017. Grand-Hornu is a former colliery turned into a museum and was listed
by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 2012.
Lines can be weaved into baskets or mesh and create a “surface”. However, an ambiguous expression was the objective
of this collection where the detailing of a portion of the smooth surface was weaved, so that it can look as though the
“lines” are in the process of forming a “surface”, or conversely the “surface” can look as though they are being
disassembled into “lines”.
Since the shape cannot be made from one single metal surface, each individual part was created and then seamlessly interconnected and meticulously polished. After partially masking, the mesh was slightly emphasized with two slightly different shades of white.

Arata Nishikawa
Hiroshi Iwasaki